FLIR Night Vision Replacement Parts

Extend the capabilities of your night vision equipment with these accessories. Find lens caps, eye cups and sights to fit your application.

FLIR 261-1021-00 Replacement Eye Cup for TS & HS Series

$40.00 USD

Availability: 3 in Stock
FLIR 4127306 Replacement Lens Cap PS and LS Series

$15.00 USD

Availability: 7 in Stock
FLIR 4137997 Video USB Cable for the FLIR Thermosight and Scouts

$50.00 USD

Availability: 1 Week
FLIR 433-0000-00-50 PATROL to COMMAND Upgrade

$1,050.00 USD

Availability: 2 to 3 Weeks

FLIR 4127309 Replacement Eye Cup PS and LS Series

$25.00 USD

Availability: 5 Days