FLIR Thermal Night Vision Cases

Protect your investment with a wide variety of FLIR carrying cases for your thermal imaging and night vision cameras. These rugged cases are durable and will protect against dents and severe outdoor conditions.

FLIR 4126886 MOLLE Monocular Belt Holster, Hunters Green

$30.00 USD

Availability: 2 in Stock
FLIR 4126887 MOLLE Monocular Belt Holster, Tan

$30.00 USD

Availability: 10+ in Stock
FLIR 4132304 Belt Holster for the LS Series, Black

$30.00 USD

Availability: 2 in Stock
FLIR 4119354 Hard Shell Pelican Case for HS Models

$249.00 USD

Availability: 1 Week

FLIR Tactical Carry Bag for Full-size Cameras

$99.00 USD

Availability: 3 to 4 Weeks