The FLIR C2 is a compact thermal imager, designed for the pockets of building professionals

Pocket Portable and Highly Affordable

The FLIR C2 is ready to make thermal technology accessible on every job-site and in every home.

Available now, the new FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imager offers a slim, light profile that fits comfortably in most pockets, making it easy to keep the C2 at your side. This means you'll never miss the opportunity analyze and uncover hidden issues.

C2 for Professionals

The power, convenience and portability of the FLIR C2 means it's the perfect tool to be carried in the pocket of Site Supervisors, General Contractors and a wide variety of construction professionals.

Carrying the C2 in your pocket or tool kit means it will be easy to quickly inspect potential issues with building envelopes in applications like new-home construction. Meaning site supervisors can quickly inspect for insulation issues and other energy leakage. The C2 can also be used to show off the efficiency of a building's envelope to customers during on-site inspections.

The FLIR C2 for Professionals, including General Contractors and Site Supervisors

C2 for Homeowners

The C2 isn't just for professionals, every home owner can make use of thermal technology. Inspect heat loss in your home insulation and windows, find cold air drafts, discover water leaks and electrical shorts, even locate radiant floor heating coils. Take the C2 out to the garage and find irregularities with your vehicles cooling system, electrical system and exhaust.

The FLIR C2 for Home Owners

C2 Specs

The C2 incorporates FLIR's powerful Lepton core, the standard with the majority of FLIR's compact models including the TG165 and FLIR One. Here is a breakdown of some of the FLIR C2's core specs:

Resolution 80 x 60
Temperature Range -10°C to 150°C
Measurement Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy ±2°C
MSX Technology Included
Battery Life* 2 Hours
Color Palettes 4
Emissivity Settings 3 Modes + Manual Setting

The FLIR C2 carries comparable power to the popular E4 Infrared Camera while taking a new approach to the convenience of the tool-box thermal imager. This means that professionals in the field will have the choice of the classic "pistol-grip" style thermal imager or the compact camera style C2, without sacrificing much of the performance users expect from core FLIR IR Cameras.

FLIR's MSX Technology

Unlike the FLIR TG165 Visual IR Thermometer the C2 features MSX image enhancement. MSX adds key details to thermal images that are combined from the onboard visible light camera. These features will come as a huge benefit to users who need to compile detailed reports of their findings, allowing you to easily identify the subjects and details of a thermal image, without sacrificing any of the temperature data.

Final Thoughts

The FLIR C2 is a fantastic step forward in making thermal technology more compact and convenient, allowing users to keep it handy wherever they are. Despite it's diminutive size, the C2 doesn't sacrifice much when it comes to performance, with features that stack up nicely with similar models like the TG165, E4 and even the FLIR One, convenience and portability doesn't mean sacrificing performance.

The C2 is the ideal tool for construction professionals like General Contractors and Site Supervisors, because it's easily portability and compact design. With the affordable price-tag, companies will be able to easily roll out a fleet of these thermal tools without breaking the bank.

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