FLIR HS-307 COMMAND Thermal Imaging Camera Kit 65mm lens 30Hz video
FLIR HS-307 COMMAND Thermal Imaging Camera Kit 65mm lens 30Hz video
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FLIR HS-307 COMMAND Thermal Imaging Camera Kit 65mm lens 30Hz video
Model: HS-307 Command NTSC | Order No: HS-307 COMMAND NTS-30HZ

For Law Enforcement and First Responders 65mm lens, NTSC 30Hz refresh rate. Kit includes Tactical Carrying Pouch, video and still image capture.

Resolution: 320 x 240

Range: 1,400 Yards

Sorry! This product has been discontinued.

The FLIR HS-307 COMMAND Thermal Imaging Camera Kit 65mm lens 30Hz video has been discontinued, and does not currently have a replacement. If you would like a recommendation please call us at 1.877.766.5412

Recommended Accessories

FLIR HS-307 Command Thermal Night Vision Monocular

The HS-307 Command thermal camera and monocular combo features a resolution of 320 x 240, with a maximum range of 1,400 yards and a fast 30hz refresh rate. It is a dedicated long range platform built on a compact frame.

The HS307 Command uses a fixed 60mm lens to extend its possible reach well beyond the HS-324.

FLIR HS-307 Series Thermal Night Vision

Thermal Night Vision in the Palm of Your Hand

Built on FLIR's dedicated thermal chassis, the HS307 is made for for first responders and professionals who need to react fast to their changing environment and capture evidence. The HS307 command will run all night off 4 rechargeable AA batteries that can be changed in the field. The display itself auto-focusses, but a diopter adjustment on the eyepiece ensures you get the sharpest image for your eyes. This monocular also uses an iris style eyecup to control light emissions from the screen.

The Command variant features the ability to capture and record both video and still imagery to a removeable SD card that will store jpeg and mp4 files.

This long-range monocular can use different polarities to fit varying situations and environments. White-hot and black-hot displays are the FLIR military standard, but you also get 4 levels of Instalert polarity, which will isolate heat signatures above a certain threshold and highlight them a bright red.

The HS-307 command can be tripod mounted for long distance viewing, and features a 2x digital zoom. When you're trying to maximize your detection range: the 2x magnification makes it easy to pick out even the smallest hot-spot. Using the included hot-shoe attachment you can even run a separate video out cable into a 3rd party display.

Features 4 Night Vision Modes

FLIR Night Vision Will Help You:

  • See people - keep track of the rest of your hiking or camping party in the darkest nights, and even when they're obscured by light foliage.
  • See animals - everything gives off heat, so animals can't use their natural camouflage to hide from Scout. Discover those hard-to-spot animals that you've always wanted to see, day and night.
  • Track game - sportsmen can use Scout to track wounded animals by following their heat signatures directly, or by detecting signs they leave behind like blood trails and foot prints.
  • Navigate - no more losing the trail at night or in bad visibility; with Scout, you'll be able to navigate just as well at night as you can during the day.
  • Stay safe - Scout's thermal night vision technology lets you see clearly through smoke, dust, and light fog so you can stay safe in the outdoors when conditions deteriorate.
  • See more, and see farther, than with other night vision technologies - because Scout sees clearly without any light whatsoever, it can see farther at night than other imaging technologies that need ambient light to work, and can see heat sources that these other cameras could never find.

What is Thermal Night Vision?

FLIR thermal night vision uses infrared radiation to build its image, which means it sees heat not light.

This means that thermal night vision highlights temperature differences in the scene its interpreting. That makes FLIR the pinnacle of detection. When it comes to spotting the odd part out in a scene, even in total darkness, thermal differentiates like no other technology.

Because it's seeking out temperature differences and heat signatures, FLIR cameras can be just as useful in daylight as they are at night. In low contrast environments, heat will still be a differentiator regardless of any camouflage. This also works at long distances where your eye may not pickup a distant object. A FLIR camera will highlight that far off heat signature, even if it's just a cluster of pixels different.

Reading infrared radiation also means that these units are not blocked by the kind of things that might interfere with our vision. Particulate obstacles like smoke, dust, and fog have a much smaller thermal signature, and so the FLIR camera can see right through them. Even snow and rain to an extent will have less of an effect through thermals than they would on your naked eye.

FLIR Thermal Night vision makes use of infrared radiation to see in complete darkness
Infrared radiation allows Scout to see in complete darkness.

FLIR Scout is able to see through light to moderate fog
By reading infrared information Scout can see through light to moderate smoke, dust, and fog.

Key Features

65mm Lens
Equipped with its 65mm lens, it features a 7° field of view, allowing you to detect a man-sized object (1.5m x 0.5m) up to 1600 yards (1.5 km) away.

Rugged Design
All-weather design is built to withstand the demands of day-in, day-out law enforcement operations. It's even submersible.

Capture Still Images & Record Video
Save images & video to an SD Memory card (1 - 4GB cards)

Shuttered Eyepiece
Keeps light from coming out of the viewfinder, helping the operator to stay covert.

Hot Shoe Attachment
The included "hot shoe" attachment provides power-in and RCA composite video-out connections while maintaining the camera's tripod mounting capability.

Two-sided Hand Strap
Accommodates both left-handed and right-handed users.

2x Electronic Zoom

Adjusts 8 Levels of Screen Brightness

Switches between white-hot and black-hot display modes

Battery Life
Four rechargeable AA NiMH batteries are good for more than six hours of continuous operation. H-Series also runs on standard non-rechargeable alkaline and Lithium Ion AA batteries. 5+ Days in Standby & Instant-On from Standby


FLIR Scout HS-307 Patrol Infrared Thermal Night Vision Camera

FLIR HS-307 Patrol

FLIR Scout HS-307 Command Infrared Thermal Night Vision Camera

FLIR HS-307 Command

Resolution 320 x 240 320 x 240
Series HS Law Enforcement HS Law Enforcement
Range 1,400 Yards 1,400 Yards
SD/SDHC Card Enabled
Video Out
Still Image/Video Storage
Size 265mm x 85mm x 75mm 265mm x 85mm x 75mm
Operating/Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C -20°C to 60°C
Weight (w/o lens) 2 kg 2 kg
Field of View 7° x 5° 7° x 5°
2x E-Zoom FOV
Polarity White Hot, Black Hot, InstAlert™ White Hot, Black Hot, InstAlert™
Startup 1.5 Seconds 1.5 Seconds
E-Zoom 2x 2x
Freeze Frame
Battery Internal Battery / Li-Ion Internal Battery / Li-Ion
Rating IP-67 IP-67
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FLIR HS-2X Extender Lens for the HS-324, 2x HS-2X
2X Optical Extender for HS-324 ONLY. Generates 12° x 9° field of view to extend range performance.

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" data-description="For Law Enforcement and First Responders 65mm lens, NTSC 30Hz refresh rate. Kit includes Tactical Carrying Pouch, video and still image capture.">

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